January Newsletter 2019

january 2019 newsletter full(2)

The start of a new year and our teen reporters hit the ground running with yet another fabulous issue. Each newsletter is written by a team of Home Educated teenagers. We currently have members across the UK and in Belgium with plans to expand the team. They have a lot of plans in the pipeline for future issues.

January’s issue not only includes some fun activity pages, recipes and an experiment to make your own invisible ink for our younger readers but also has a collaborated educational unit that can be read simply for entertainment or incorporated into unit studies at home. This issue takes us around the globe to examine various cultural traditions for celebrating New Years Eve, a huge thank you to all our readers that took part in this segment and wrote in to us. Winnie the Pooh day will whisk you back to your childhood in a heartbeat whilst sharing the magic with your little ones. We then take a look at the life of Martin Luther King Jnr before examining our Oceans and the over use of plastic. Finally your invited to join us in celebration of Robert Burns, the Scottish Bard, as we take a look at his work and how he influenced society at that time.

Don’t forget to summon the book dragon and check out our recommended books for the month, Jenna has a way with words that makes you want to check out every book on the list.

We welcome submissions globally from the home education/ home schooling community and hope our newsletter caters for everyone, whether you follow a structured curriculum, un-school, game school, world school and or are in the process of de-schooling, we also hope that we can be of use to parents considering home education. We try to cover a variety of topics and approaches to learning, so you may find activities for a forest school setting one month and then a Montessori approach the next, sometimes we will attempt to cater to several routes in a single issue, however we do try to ensure that everything we share is of interest and use to the majority of families and easy to transfer to any philosophy/ approach to learning.

We regularly get asked ‘What can we send in?’ and you can send in pretty much anything that will be of use or interest to the community. You don’t have to join the team to contribute, any home educated child can contribute. We always welcome articles from children (of any age) if they have a passion or topic they would like to cover, and all work is credited to your child. You can send in photographs of work they have completed or crafts they have created, they can write about any clubs, events, workshops and or trips they may attend, your local home ed group and meet ups, their hobbies or they could write a story and send that send that.

We also encourage parents to get involved to if they would like to write about topics relevant to home ed that may support/enrich the community.

Birthday messages and shout outs get printed each month. Photographs optional

You can share via our Facebook group, our Instagram account and or by sending us an email.



We would like to wish all our readers a happy new year and hope you have many new adventures ahead.

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