April 2019 Home Education Magazine/ Resource

April 2019

April 2019 Home Education Magazine
Free resource for the home education/ schooling community written by home educated teens.


Topics this month- Autism Awareness day and the puzzle logo/ Titanic remembrance day/ Easter/ your submissions/ STEM Activities/ Arts and Crafts/ Educational study units/ Book Club/ Recipes/ Come Dine with H.E/ Spring/ Animal Cruelty and national Pet Day/ Holocaust Remembrance Day/ Chernobyl Remembrance Day/ Fridays for Future plus interview with March organizers/ World book day photos/ starting a Nature journal/ Interview with adults who were home educated/ Month in pictures/ Super hero day and much more!

We hope you all enjoy reading it as much as we enjoy creating it, we are grateful for all the support and submissions we receive each month. I am so proud of all our writers this month as they have done amazing!


Home Ed Looks Like This

Liz, Tyler, Freya, Jenna, Willow, William, Max and Anthony

Calendar and  observations 2
Pancake Art 4
April fools day 6
Shout Outs 7
Fridays for Future 8
We are Insight 17
Autism Awareness 18
Month in Pictures 24
Animal Cruelty Month 28
National Pet Day 30
Meet our Journalists 31
Apprenticeship– your article submissions 32
Game Review 33
National Ferret Day 34
Meet Melandra– successful & was H.E 36
Poetry Challenge 40
Nature Journaling 42
STEM Activities– Germination, Bouncy Egg, Osmosis Egg 49
Dolphin Day 52
Minecraft 54
Titanic                  Remembrance Day 56
World Book Day Photos 60
Summon the Book Dragon/ Library Week 62
EASTER  & Crafts 69
Faberge– Make your own 73
Superhero Day 86
Holocaust Remembrance 90
Chernobyl Remembrance 92
Come Dine with H.E 94
Monthly Dedication 96


tyler nature



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